This website was created in the course of social and cultural anthropology research, regarding relations between people and marine animals on the island of Lavongai (or New Hanover), in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea.

It presents a semantic directory of ethnographic research carried out in New Ireland Province. Each entry ties together a fieldworker, a geolocated field site, a period during which research was carried out, bibliographic references to research output (such as publications or a thesis), languages referred to in the fieldwork, and cultural groups that participated. The website attempts to follow the principles of the Semantic Web, and is based on a custom built vocabulary which adhears to the OWL standard (see Web Ontology Language for more information).

You can explore the data below by selecting a label from the timeline on the left, or a peg on the map to the right (zoom in on the map to differenciate nearby pegs, see also the Important Notice About Linguistic Boundaries). You can also browse the resource list by selecting ‘Resources’ above, or use the search bar on the top right.

After selecting an entry, to return to the full timeline and map view, click on the button to the lower left of the timeline.