Jason Roberts at Narim and Sulava in 2012, 2014-2015


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Jason Roberts at Narim and Sulava in 2012, 2014-2015

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September 2014 – 2015
June 2012 – August 2012

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‘I conducted pilot research for this project in New Hanover and New Ireland from June to August of 2012. It was during this time that I established relationships with two Lavongai communities, Narim and Sulava, willing to work with me on a comparative research project about SABL development on the island (see Figure 3). I subsequently spent the majority of my time living and working in these two communities when I returned to conduct full-scale research in September 2014. Multi-sited study in these two communities (Marcus 1995; Fischer 1999) allowed me to compare the relationships between different logging and agricultural development practices and local lives, livelihoods, ecologies, and climate change interactions. It also allowed me to examine differential understandings of development and aspirations for the future emanating from these distinctive local histories and experiences. Though Narim and Sulava did not share close kinship relations, they did share the same language12 and basic cultural and ecological practices witnessed throughout the island. These similarities enabled the comparative framework.’ (Roberts Jason, 2019, “We Stay the Same”: Life, Logging, and the Continuing Pursuit of Development on New Hanover Island (Lavongai), Papua New Guinea, Doctoral thesis in Anthropology, University of Texas, San Antonio, p. 22)

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